(113) Clinical Business Analyst

Job Description

The Clinical Business Analyst will be responsible for ongoing implementation of new health record software and will be the designated project manager for the duration of the implementation and in routine production and use. When new health information technology is released, and new needs are defined, the Clinical Business Analyst must explain the technology and develop an implementation and training plan to train staff members so that they can utilize it. They will be responsible for organizing meetings, working closely with clinical representation of the departments to ensure the project will meet the needs of the organization. This person will be responsible for the oversight of the super user group and will serve as a liaison with the Texas Smartcare User Group.

The Clinical Business Analyst will be responsible for coordinating efforts to transform health data into information utilized by workers and supervisors to make decisions and monitor programs. The analyst will act as a liaison between program workers and supervisors the lead health data analyst, and other contracted analyst staff. This person must be able to explain to staff members how to access health information and reports and help conceptualize the report. The Clinical Business Analyst will play an important role in process improvement with an emphasis on driving increased quality of clinical care.

This person will be responsible for triaging changes to the Smartcare System, managing the communication between the program requests and development team and will manage processes and procedures for future updates to the system.

This person will also generate and analyze clinical outcomes reports, have an organizational and collaborative role in the design and development of new reports, and serve as a coordinating member of the Data Management Workgroup and System Analyst Team.

This position may also perform training to staff and directors on various data and reporting issues.

CityRound Rock
CountyWilliamson County
CredentialsMinimum Qualifications: The Clinical Business Analyst should have a bachelor’s degree in social services, healthcare, information technology, or related fields. This person must be proficient in MS-Excel and have an ability to learn new computer programs and systems. This person must have experience working with data, and/or managing large projects, and have good analytical skills and abilities. The Clinical Business Analyst must also have good communication skills, both orally and written, to deliver information to other staff members clearly. Must have a valid Texas Driver's License.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience working with a community health system.
Experience as a service provider within a community behavior health organization.
Experience with Anasazi, Streamline’s Smartcare, MBOW, or project management programs, or other electronic medical record software systems.
Experience with system-wide software implementation.
Experience managing an electronic health record
Advanced degrees/certification in project management, information technology, software, or related fields.
Salary Amount$60,000 - $65,000/year
Closing DateOpen until filled
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