(1303) Behavioral Health Consultant

Job Description

The Bluebonnet Trails Community Services Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) will work as a member of the Primary Care Clinic’s healthcare team who assists the primary care manager (PCM) in managing the overall health of their enrolled population. The BHC’s goals are to help improve recognition, treatment and management of psychosocial/behavioral problems and medical conditions in the enrolled population. The BHC provides consultation services to all patients referred by the Primary Care Team. The BHC’s role is limited to that of a consultant.

CountyBastrop County
CredentialsMinimum Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Social Work from an accredited college or university, current licensure by the State of Texas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or PhD in clinical psychology from an accredited college or university, current licensure by the State of Texas as a licensed clinical psychologist, or a master’s degree in psychology, counseling or related field and licensure by the State of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). The candidate will be credentialed through Bluebonnet Trails Community Services. Must have a valid Texas Driver's License.

Core Competencies: To function as a BHC, the candidate must demonstrate applied competency in the following areas:
• Know or develop an understanding of the role of the BHC as a member of the primary care team in an integrated service delivery model.
• Understand the relationship between medical and psychological aspects of health and disease, have the capacity to apply the bio-psychosocial model to the primary care setting and demonstrate a basic knowledge of pharmacology.
• The ability to apply population-based healthcare principles. Provide services to all enrollees (not just those with diagnosable mental disorders).
• Provide services appropriate to the primary care environment. Perform focused assessments and rapid problem identification, use 15-30 minute visits, limit problem definition and address patients’ needs with limited follow-up and demonstrate knowledge of interventions that can be used by members of the primary care team.
• Employ empirically supported interventions. Identify, adapt and apply empirically supported interventions to the broad range of problems presenting in primary care.
• Identify functional outcomes. Make recommendations that target occupational, social and familial functioning, home activities and recreation.
• Plan, develop and provide lifestyle classes. Offer educational and skill building classes that enhance health and improve functioning and teach group facilitation skills to other primary care team members.
• Triage patients in need of specialty care services and community resources. Demonstrate understanding of the scope of practice for primary care, provide care for all patients within that scope and utilize the patient navigator to ensure referral to appropriate alternative care.
• Function as an interdisciplinary team member. Work as a consultant to the PCM who makes all patient care decisions. Focus on the referral question, follow-up with the PCM, make recommendations consistent with the pace of primary care and devise services that reduce PCM workload.
Use clear verbal and written communication. Respond to any consultative question in language free of psychological jargon and document services and recommendations in a clear concise manner.

Preferred Qualifications: Fluency in Spanish
Salary Amount$58,000/year
Closing DateOpen until filled
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