(1940) Rehabilitation Specialist – (OCR) Outpatient Competency Restoration Program

Job Description

The Outpatient Competency Restoration Rehabilitation Specialist will provide competency restoration services
and care coordination to individuals who have been found incompetent to stand trial. Services are provided in
collaboration with a recovery team and will be provided in jail, home, clinic and community-based settings.

The Rehab Specialist uses approved curricula to provide the following services:

1. Person-Centered Recovery Planning and Needs Assessments
2. Legal education
3. Supported housing
4. Supported employment
5. Face-to-face services a minimum of twice per week
6. Substance use referrals for persons with substance use concerns within 14 days of admission to the OCR Program
7. Follow-up within 24 hours when a person misses any scheduled BTCS appointment
8. Care coordination with the recovery team, other psychiatric/medical providers, family members, and other agencies
9. Continuity of care to persons completing the program
10. Continuity of care to persons who do not complete the program or who are determined to be incapable of restoration to competency

This position requires the development and maintenance of effective, professional working relationships with County Courts, including the County and District Attorneys, local behavioral health centers, and other community service organizations. The person in this position must effectively communicate and coordinate services with community mental health providers across the state, as well as local substance use treatment facilities and community resource organizations. The person in this position will work primarily during normal business hours, Monday through Friday; however, there may be a rotating on-call schedule including evenings and weekends. The working location will primarily be in the jail, courts, Bluebonnet clinic, and community.

The Rehab Specialist regularly meets with individuals in their homes and communities, at treatment centers, parole and probation offices, jail/detention centers and other legal facilities, and Bluebonnet Trails’ clinics to provide transition-focused psychosocial rehabilitative services. The Rehab Specialist will be expected to provide transportation to individuals involved in the program so they can successfully attend behavioral health and legal-system related appointments. The staff member must complete mental health assessments and assist individuals with referrals to additional services using clinical judgment in conjunction with state guidelines. A high level of detailed electronic documentation and reporting is required and adherence to company and state guidelines is expected.

The person in this position must possess a passion and aptitude for working with individuals who have chronic and severe behavioral health needs and are involved in the criminal justice system. Knowledge jail diversion and intensive case management functions, psychotherapeutic medications, substance use treatment, crisis services, community resources, and evidence-based practices in the mental health and criminal justice systems are required. This position necessitates innovative thinking, patience, resiliency, skills in advocacy, service coordination, mental health assessment and evaluation, collaborative person-centered recovery planning and dual-diagnosis treatment. The person in this position will effectively work independently and on a team, prioritize needs during crisis situations, engage in regular meetings and training opportunities, balance self-care, be a delight to work with, and perform other duties as assigned with a positive attitude.

CredentialsMinimum Qualifications: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum number of hours that is equivalent to a major in psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, counseling, sociology, human growth and development, physician assistant, gerontology, special education, educational psychology, early childhood education/intervention.

Education and experience in behavioral healthcare and/or the criminal justice system.

Must have a valid Texas Driver's License, meet Bluebonnet Trails Community Services driving requirements, and maintain approved driving status throughout employment.

*If degree is not in a Human Services field, a minimum of 24 college credits in a Human Services are required.

Preferred Qualifications: Previous experience working in TCOOMMI, jail diversion, behavioral health, criminal justice, and/or behavioral health case management; advanced degree in Human Services field; Bilingual (English/Spanish).
Salary Amount$19.46/hr
Closing DateOpen until filled
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