Volunteers for Veterans

VOLUNTEER SEARCH: Bluebonnet is actively seeking volunteers in a variety of areas for our Veteran Program and we would love your help in spreading the word!  If persons are willing to volunteer but they are not sure how their skills and talents can be used, encourage them to apply anyway.  We can either find a way they can contribute or link them to another community partner that they could volunteer with.

To apply please go to http://bbtrails.org/volunteer/ and submit an application.

Volunteer Needs:
Veteran Supporter:
Drivers for Veterans:
Veterans Treatment Court Mentor

Other Ways to Give:
-Make or donate snacks for support groups
-If you are a hairstylist, donate free haircuts
-Going to the grocery store?  Pick up an extra box of laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper or paper towels for the transitional living house.
-Collect hygiene items from hotels while you are traveling and donate them to our transitional housing program
-Donate money – this can be done on-line (INSERT LINK HERE)
-Give your old magazines to the clinics
-Do you like to teach yoga?  Volunteer to do chair yoga at one of our enrichment centers.

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