Transitional Living and Supportive Housing

Bluebonnet Trails Supportive Housing program provides a safe and supportive program for adults in transition from crisis to stability while the individual resides in the program. The expected length of stay in our Supported Housing program will last up to 90 days. At the end of this three month stay, participants will have increased resources for income, employment and sustainable residential stability as determined by the individuals Person Centered Recovery Plan.


Locations: Bastrop, Georgetown, Round Rock, Seguin

Our Supportive Housing accepts applications from interested individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Each application is reviewed by the housing committee to determine enrollment into the program. Our homes are tobacco, alcohol, and drug free and encourage spiritual, mental and emotional growth.

The goal of our Supportive Housing program is to facilitate the change process for individuals with substantial mental illness through skills building, self-awareness, self-advocacy, and providing supports necessary for stable lives in a community setting. While in the home setting, individuals will receive the following services:

Skills Building: Our team will work with individuals, training them to learn and practice skills for independent living and build community supports and access to permanent supportive housing options. We prepare individuals to successfully exit the Supported Housing program and return to their community.

Peer Support: Bluebonnet Trails offers Peer Support services that are recovery focused and person centered for individuals working towards reducing, modifying or eliminating unwanted feelings and behaviors associated with behavioral health challenges. Visit our Peer Supports to learn how our team partners with individuals to reach their recovery goals.

Supported Employment: We offer a Supported Employment program for those in our Supportive Housing program; assisting individuals in choosing and obtaining employment within their community. To learn more, visit our Supported Employment services.

Referrals & Education: Through our Supportive Housing Program, our dedicated team will provide referrals based on the needs of the individual. Individuals may receive assistance through our behavioral health services, substance use program, medical care, and dental care. Individuals will also be provided education and referrals based on their local communities. Our team works to ensure successful integration back into their community and accessibility to available resources to succeed.