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Bluebonnet Trails’ administrative offices are located in Round Rock, Texas. 

1009 North Georgetown St.
Round Rock, TX 78664

Crisis Services

Our well trained staff are dedicated to assisting individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Our staff is available to talk with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Crisis Hotline at 1-800-841-1255.

Employment Services

Our Supported Employment team works with individuals enrolled in our Mental Health and Intellectual Developmental Disability programs by providing Employment Assistance and Supported Employment services.

Justice Involved Services

Bluebonnet Trails provides many options to best suit the needs of individuals involved in the criminal justice system with a mental health diagnosis.

Substance Abuse

Throughout Bluebonnet Trails, we have several options of care for Substance Use. We offer Outreach, Screening, Assessment and Referral services through our OSAR Program and Bluebonnet Trails Recovery Program to ensure continued support and to promote long-term recovery.


Our Autism Program provides a family centered approach to teaching individuals from ages 3-15 skills needed to succeed at home, school and in the community.

Disaster Services

Bluebonnet Trails lead community-wide coordination efforts for disaster behavioral health services following catastrophic events, such as Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Gustav.

Family Health Care

We recognize easy access to healthcare options is important. Our family health centers and practices offer access to a full array of healthcare services including medical, dental, mental health, developmental health and substance abuse services.


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour training course designed to give members of the public key skills to help someone who is developing a mental health crisis.


Supportive Housing

Bluebonnet Trails Supported Housing program provides a safe and supportive program for adults in transition from crisis to stability while the individual resides in the program.


Behavioral Health

Our qualified professional psychiatrists, counselors and skilled medical team provide medication management, individual, couple, family and group therapy and coping skills to assist individuals of all ages in reaching their desired wellness goals.

Early Childhood Intervention

Through the Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECI), Bluebonnet Trails offers services that help infants and toddlers (birth to 3 years of age) with disabilities or delays achieve their developmental milestones.

Intellectual Developmental Disabilities

The focus of our Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Program is to assist individuals and their families in choosing and accessing quality and cost-efficient services and supports that best meet their needs and requests.

Peer Supports

Bluebonnet Trails is here to assist individuals in the process of recovery and working towards wellness. Our Peer Support Specialists will partner with you to help you have the life that you want on the other side of a diagnosis of mental illness.

Veterans Services

Our Veterans Services partners with individuals to provide them with the tools needed to successfully integrate back into their community and transition from their military life to civil life again.

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