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Jail-Based Competency Restoration (JBCR) Forensic Psychologist

Contract Position

Jail-Based Competency Restoration (JBCR) Forensic Psychologist

Description of Service

Jail-Based Competency Restoration (JBCR) is an alternative to state hospital-based competency restoration programs with long wait lists that delay treatment.  The newly established Williamson County JBCR unit will remove defendants from general population and provide concentrated services addressing mental illness while focusing on training and educating individuals charged with a crime.  The benefits of participation include education on legal processes and increased mental health functioning to restore persons to competency so that legal proceedings can resume.

The JBCR Forensic Psychologist works with a multidisciplinary treatment team offering psychiatric evaluation, medication evaluation and management, cognitive behavior therapy, curriculum-based competency restoration education, motivational interviewing, and treatment planning.  The Forensic Psychologist is responsible for completing competency evaluations.

This position requires the development and maintenance of effective, professional working relationships with jail and court personnel. A high level of detailed electronic documentation is required and adherence to company and state guidelines is expected.

Optional: When not engaged in JBCR activities, the Forensic Psychologist may provide diagnostic and clinical services for individuals who have diagnoses of Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) and/or Autism who are seeking services and supports in the Bluebonnet Trails Community Services (BTCS) service area. Determination of Intellectual Disability assessments are completed in a standardized format. Diagnostic forms are required to support service reporting to various funding streams.

Rate of Payment


Areas to be Served

Williamson County


Minimum qualifications:
• Valid Texas Driver's License
• Pass all criminal, fraud and employability screenings
• Must be a Licensed Forensic Psychologist with the ability to practice in Texas

Additional preferred qualifications:
• At least one year of prior experience working in a jail diversion or criminal justice program.
• Bilingual (English/Spanish or English/ASL)

To Apply: If you are interested in applying for a contract with Bluebonnet Trails Community Services, please email and include position you are applying for.

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